9 Signs You Might Be Subconsciously Preparing For a Break Up

So you’re in a relationship. That’s must have been great. Sure, there were bumps along the way, differences emerged, and sometimes doubts get in the way. But no relationship is perfect anyway, right? So you’re going to stay in that relationship, work things out and live happily ever after. What? Breaking up? Shh. No way. Don’t even mention it.

You, like most people, would probably like to believe that it’s the end of the breaking up era and the time has come to have a real, love-of-my-life, till-death-parts-us relationship. But, let’s face it, most relationships will eventually come to its end. You know it. Here are secret signs that you might be subconsciously preparing for a breakup.

• You used to tell your partner when you like/dislike something about them but you don’t anymore
It’s like deep down inside you knew it wouldn’t matter for much longer, so why bother? He can keep (enter his annoying habit), but that wouldn’t be your problem anymore.

• You build (or re-build) your social support
Remember those friends you used to hang out with before you started dating? How long has it been since you feel the urge to really deeply re-connect with them after months of just casual conversations? You know you’re gonna need them soon after letting go of your main hang and you started genuinely re-connecting.

• You start looking for new hobbies or activities without any particular reason
This is different from coming across a Yoga channel on YouTube and be inspired to do it as a new routine. This is more like you wondering what would be perfect to spend your spare time. Because, you know, you’re going to have more of it when you’re not dating anyone. Anymore.

• You distant your two worlds
When you started dating, it’s like two worlds collided, in a good way. You hang out with his friends, your brother went to watch some sports-thing with him, and all that stuff. But now you slowly disconnect from his friends, skip his cousin’s birthday party, and such.

• But you’re expanding your own world
..to another direction. You go out to events where you can meet new people, even when you’re not into what the event is about. Or you download a dating app or join a new online platform. Just to get to know more people. Not to hook up or anything, just for fun. Or maybe, just in case, maybe.

• You’d rather plan tonight’s dinner than next summer’s holiday
You got no excitement planning a getaway for next summer, while previously the summer getaway is all you can think about since the summer before. Deep down you’re wondering “Are we still gonna be together then?”

• You weigh the pros and cons in your relationship (or in being in a relationship in general, or in being in a relationship with that particular person)
Pro: Movie date every Sunday. Con: No more anxiously waiting for him to come home when he’s late. Typically, people would do that before starting a relationship. When you do it while in a relationship, you’re maybe subconsciously building up an argument as a justification or explanation to the breakup.

• You “learn” how to be single
You hang out with your single friends doing single-girl things. You watch movies or read books about being single and liking it. Not actually to “learn” or anything, though. It just feels fun and amazing looking at those girls – free, fierce, just doing their things. What if I was one of them?

• You lower your guard
Previously, when you meet new people, you make sure they know that you are in a relationship. Either to waive any sort of confusion or because you’re just so proud about that fact. Now, you kind of hope it would not come up. Maybe because you don’t want that cutie you just met to know you’re in a relationship. Because, who knows for how much longer?


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